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Evolving global trends

Alternative Investments have doubled as a share of the global asset markets since 2003 with an estimated market value of $13.4 trillion and further, exponential growth expected to come. The combination of low interest rates, the shortfall in superannuation accounts to meet future retirement obligations, the maturing of emerging markets, and structural shifts in capital formation has catalysed the expansion within the Alternative Investment market with growth expectations being between 18% and 24% by 2025.

To meet this expected market demand, Alternative Asset Managers are having to continuously innovate in response to evolving global trends, geopolitical pressures and market changes.

Pullmann’s expertise and network across the global Alternatives Market enables us to create highly targeted sourcing strategies delivered at speed, accuracy, and with high levels of diversity. We are positioned at the forefront of search innovation enabling us to access and acquire highly impactful executives and senior management talent across complex global markets.

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