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In an environment of increasing complexity and accelerating technological change, leadership requirements are rapidly evolving. An organisations ability to embrace innovation, collaboration, value creation and drive cultural shift from reactive to creative is paramount for future success.

Attracting high performing leaders possessing the above skill set requires a rigorous approach to assessing various attributes including leadership, past experience, cultural mind-set and future potential.

Partnering with our clients to deliver diverse and impactful talent acquisition across Board, Executive and Senior Management functions.



Pullmann combines deep-rooted sector and functional expertise with a tailored search methodology that gives our clients access to a diverse and dynamic talent pool not typically accessible through traditional executive search methods.

This supported through our global network, talent leadership program, passion for exceptional candidate and client experience allows us to deliver a unique industry leading proposition.


Executive Search Process

Briefing & Search Strategy

It is imperative we gain a deep understanding of the challenges to the organisation and define what is required for a new hire to be successful in the position. A detailed outline of how performance and success are measured is critical to the process. We are massive advocates of spending time with key stakeholders and decision makers in the business so we can build an accurate picture of our client’s requirement.

We analyse all information and data gathered to create a detailed soft and hard skill matrix which incorporates company culture, essential skills, experiences and attributes a candidate must possess to be successful in the position and organisation.

A search strategy is created and shared with our client to ensure alignment. This document defines and clarifies our understanding of the organisation, challenges and position responsibilities alongside core skill set, qualities and competencies required for success. We MAP out exactly how we are engaging the market providing thorough detail on target organisations and unique insights around market dynamics and competitor intelligence.

Research & Identification

Agility and Rigour make up the key fundamentals in our ability to create targeted research and build an accurate picture of where potential talent is located. Our longlists are extensive to ensure we have identified all relevant talent within the agreed company targets.

Approaching each executive and retained search as a fresh project, we build our research through utilising our trusted networks, third party contacts, expansive database and our innovative AI sourcing technology.

Approaching & Evaluating Candidates

The ability to attract the best talent is driven by deep routed knowledge of our clients and market specialisms alongside leading edge engagement techniques and a passion for exceptional candidate experience.

We then approach potential candidates to qualify their interest and suitability. For those most qualified, we present a compelling vision of the opportunity to persuade them to engage in the process.

We conduct competency and behavioural based interviews to assess each candidate against the criteria defined at briefing stage. Once complete, we present a shortlist of the best profiles interested in the position.

Client Interview & Feedback

Our shortlists are presented with detailed interview assessment reports and in-depth analysis to ensure complete alignment against search criteria defined.

We work closely with our clients in scheduling and managing the entire interview process ensuring accurate feedback at each stage. We can advise on interview structure and take an active part in the assessment panel at our client’s request.

Offer Management & Search Completion

Once the client has selected their preferred candidate, we will conduct a detailed briefing call between Pullmann and client stakeholders for the executive search to ensure complete alignment on the following:

  • Candidate Suitability: Referencing and thorough background checks.
  • Compensation Expectations: Although this is clarified early in the recruitment process and managed effectively, expectations can change at advanced stages, this is an opportunity to re-align and discuss the best strategy for a successful outcome.
  • Potential Obstacles: Consistent open dialogue with the client means we remain agile and avoid any potential blocks. 
  • Insurance: Our ratio of offer to acceptance is excellent. However, we ensure to line up additional options as strong alternatives to the first choice in case we are unsuccessful in securing them.

Onboarding & Review Period

The onboarding of an executive is a critical component to ensure a smooth transition and successful hire.

Pullmann closely manages and guides the process from resignation, notice periods and durations of gardening leave through to first day onboarding and 6-12-month integration into the organisation through continuous contact.

During the first six months, we perform regular reviews to ensure the executive is settling into the organisation and aligned with expectations on both sides.

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