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Finance leaders are coming under increased pressure to take on a wider set of responsibilities and areas of expertise. From rapidly advancing technology to a volatile international financial and political scene, the financial professionals of today need a knowledge base and skillset that far surpass simply being able to balance the books. Key areas of expertise include asset management, hedge fund management, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, venture capital and much more. On top of all that, finance leaders need acute business acumen and a proven track record of commercial success.

At Pullmann Global, we have built up a diverse and dynamic pool of financial leadership talent. We work with private and public organisations to secure them the very best finance specialists possible to help them develop and grow while protecting the bottom line. Our candidates are visionary and highly intelligent, able to withstand the exacting scrutiny of regulators and your own Board of Directors and shareholders. We employ strategic search services, along with competency-based assessments to pin down the very best candidates for your financial leadership roles.

So, whether you are looking for talented people to fill primarily technical financial roles, or well-rounded candidates to shine in multi-faceted roles revolving around business transformation, sustainability and succession planning, speak to a member of the Pullmann Global team about how we can help you fill your financial officer roles. From treasury to tax; accountancy to audits, our candidates have extensive knowledge and clear passion for all areas of the world of commercial finance.

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