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Operations experts sit at the very heart of a business, ensuring that the wheels keep turning and the inner workings of the organisation continue to function as required. As such, those who fulfil these vital roles must be multi-skilled, extremely organised and technically adept. At Pullmann Global, we see many candidates who fit this bill, with extensive experience and impressive knowledge of the operations side of business.

From taking a wider strategic view of a business’s systems and processes to getting stuck in, on the ground, to help bring a project to life, no two days are the same for operations professionals. Thanks to our highly effective vetting and assessment processes, we can identify candidates with particular skills and dedication for this complex, but rewarding career.

Our candidates come with real-world, impressive experience in such operations tasks as inventory management, transport and logistics, procurement, manufacturing, quality control, client relationships and more. Let us help you navigate your way through attracting and securing the very best operations team for your business. From writing job adverts and shortlisting CVs to preparing interviews and sending out offers, we can provide valuable insights and advice at every stage.

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