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Global leaders in politics, business, environmental policy and industry are increasingly understanding the importance of creating credible sustainability strategies for the world of commerce that will not cost us the Earth. Businesses are finding that their stakeholders are demanding greater accountability for meeting stated sustainability goals and working in a more environmentally-friendly way.

Recruiting in-house sustainability professionals is a very effective way for businesses to not only have access to specialist knowledge and ideas, but to actively push greener policies and processes forward. A visible commitment to sustainability like this can also boost employee engagement, strengthen a company’s reputation and help it meet regulatory obligations. All this and actively helping to reduce the effects of climate change – what more could you want?

At Pullmann Global, we work with companies of all sizes, from all sectors to build a talented, passionate sustainability team. We understand how critical finding the right people for this important role is to a company’s long-term success. Our candidates bring innovative ideas, credible experience and undeniable passion for all things related to sustainability within the business world. We can help you attract, assess and hopefully welcome these driven, insightful people into your team

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